Purchase Of Something Is Determine By Needs Of A Person Essay

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The purchase of a product or service by the consumer is usually determined by the needs of a person. Discuss.

1. Needs and Wants
The purchase of a product or service by the consumer is usually determined by the needs of a person. However, not only needs are applied, but also wants. Needs can be defined as a term when referring to any human requirements, although there is loads of meaning to needs that may be used. For example, a woman who heads to a departmental store to buy clothes so that she can protect herself from the heat of the sun or the rain. Needs are the essence of the marketing concept. The key to a company’s survival, profitability, and growth in a highly bloodthirsty marketing environment is its ability to
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Wants is defined as the desire of an individual to possess a product or service in terms of making one’s life feel comfortable and enjoyable. For instance, a small kid who bliss on a particular toy in Hamley’s Mall, without having any clue on why he needs it that generated his desire to that toy.

2. Motivation/Motives

However, all these do not just come by. It is due to one’s motivation and personality. Motivation can be defined as the stimulating force that activates behaviour and provides purpose and direction to that behaviour. This force is produced by a state of tension, which exists as the results of an unfulfilled need. Individuals strive, of course; both consciously and subconsciously to reduce this tension through behaviour which they foresee will fulfill their needs and thus ease them of the stress one feels. A motive is the reason why an individual does something. For example, a woman who consider on purchasing a particular item of clothing. To her, it’s not just purchasing in terms of for shelter need or safety needs. In addition, she may be motivated to purchase the clothing that expresses or symbolizes her status as she has a strong need to express that aspect of her identity. Then again, there are many factors that can trigger motivation, and motivational researchers try to identify and understand these factors.

2.1 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Abraham Maslow proposed in his 1940 paper “A Theory of Human
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