Purchase of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine

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The scanner is seen as a tube that has been surrounded by a giant circular magnet into which the patient is pushed with the aid of a movable bed. Of significance to note here is that the MRI produces no radiation at all hence the patients are not subjected to x-rays or any other form or radiations. MRI therefore poses no or little risk to life if there be any hence can be used even among the pregnant women. The hospital I work at is called Central Community Hospital (CCH) and is known to serve a large number of patients, both in patients and out patients with the ultimate aim of alleviating the suffering of the members of the society living around the facility and any that may come from far and need the medical services within the facility. The monthly population served within the facility is estimated at 1,200 people on average.
It has been noted that a significant number of this population need the use of MRI machine in order to get the accurate diagnosis conducted on them yet this machine is not available within this health facility. This lack of the MRI machine would mean that on critical conditions, the patients will have to be rushed to the next health facility which…
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