Pure Food Products Co.

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First named Unadulterated Food Products Co., Snapple has maintained a place in the crowded beverage industry since 1972. Leonard Marsh and Hyman Golden partnered with Arnold Greenberg to create a pure fruit juice drink. The name Snapple comes from early production where several bottles exploded and snapped. They were started under the terms that they were the first company to create “all-natural beverages” that were made from the “Best Stuff on Earth.”
Snapple really began to see growth in the late 1980’s, when consumers were starting to become more health oriented and looked for alternatives to soda. “New Age” movement started because consumers were tired of high-caloric beverages and artificial additives.
Soon after, in 1994, Quaker Oats took over the brand. Quaker Oats expected to see the brand flourish in the beverage industry, just as they had done with Gatorade. When sales were not inclining, Quaker decided to sell the brand to Triarc in 1997.
Triarc successfully rebuilt the brand and made it a viable company again. While at the peak of its growth, Triarc decided to sell the brand to Cadbury-Schweppes in 2000. Cadbury-Schweppes acquired the Snapple brand when it was strong, but faced increased competition in a very crowded beverage industry. This industry continues to grow daily, and Snapple faces more competition and continues to think of new innovative ways to sustain its place in the market.
Brand Image
The first component of Snapple’s brand image is
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