Pure Is A Drama Film

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Pure is a drama film that aired in 2002. The plot revolves around a broken family crippled by addiction and substance abuse. Paul is an adolescent in a family set up ruled by drug abuse. He also has a younger brother affected by the family circumstances. The situation gets even worse when his father dies. Oblivious of the future, Paul sees a dim future if he stays with his Junkie mother who denies any ounce of love or attention that a normal adolescent needs or seeks. Mel, the mother of Paul and his younger brother is heavily hooked to heroine and somehow realizes her shortcomings but the crippling effect of cocaine incapacitates her from making new resolutions that will restore a good environment for her two kids. Paul seeks a platonic relationship with Louise who is a waitress (MacKinnon et al 2016). The dynamics of the relationship prove hard for Paul on account of his friend’s substance abuse as well. Motivated to keep the family together at all costs, Paul will need to master every solution and idea he conceives to keep the family together.
Molly Porker is the mother of two kids. She has a virtual strong support system outside her family as she has friends that will later supply her with drugs. Molly has an important responsibility of providing for her two kids and nurturing their physical, mental and emotional development. Devastated by her husband’s demise, she is too weak to carry on and uses drugs for solace. Lenny is a friend of Molly. She supplies and feeds
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