Puritan Beliefs And Mary Rowlandson

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Puritan Beliefs and Mary Rowlandson Puritan beliefs reflected in Mary Rowlandson’s “A Narrative of the Captivity, Suffering and Restoration of Mary Rowlandson”. The beliefs are depicted in her eleven weeks of captivity after being captured by the Wampanoag tribesmen. After her house was burned during a raid by local Indians. Rowlandson’s friends and family members were killed or captured by Native American in the 1676. Rowlandson and her baby were wounded, capture and forced to walk for days after the raid and Rowlandson had to watch her own child wither away and die due a lack food and medical care. During Rowlandson’s captivity with the Indians, the only thing she had to fall back on for her survival was her bible and her Puritan beliefs in God. This paper shows how Rowlandson’s understanding of the Puritan Tenets or beliefs helped her in deal with her captivity physically and spiritually. The reader should have an understanding of the Puritan Tenets and understand that the Tenets are not just words but a way of life for the Puritan. To understand and interrupt the bible, the Puritan use typology, which is an interruptive way of reading the bible. “The Puritan mode of reading Biblical history acknowledges that both the type and the antitype are historical realities and rests on the assumption that God works in history and has a plan for it, creating real things that prefiguratively signify other real things later on in time that fulfill the purposes of God’s

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