Puritan Beliefs

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The Puritans were immensely spiritual, stern, and god-fearing to the point that they believed solely on a theocracy. The second generation of Puritans began to lose sight in their principles as Puritans, and writers were used as vessels to communicate the consequences of not following God. Both Bradstreet and Edwards thoroughly demonstrate Puritan thoughts through writing; however, the tone in each varies between the two. Using sensitive detail in writing appeals to a reader's emotions. Bradstreet creates a poem where her home was burned to the ground, which resulted in the loss of her possessions and husband. Her explanation was the fact that she put her material possessions over God as a way to warn other Puritans. In her depiction of eternal life, Bradstreet states, “The world no longer let me love/ My hope and treasures lie above” (53-54). This is regarding to the simple fact that all of her belongings are in heaven waiting for her even though she cherished them more than her religion. As for her relationship with God, she prays to him through her time of desperation by saying “ And to my God my heart did cry/ To straighten me in my distress/ And not to leave me succourless” (8-10). Even though everything was destroyed, she keeps her faith in God as all Puritans should. Through her writing she allows her readers to see an example of how to react: pray and do not turn your back on God. Her strong relationship with God gives her the ability to accept what

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