Puritan Society Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Puritan society was a utopia made of strict religious conduct and revolved around God 's ultimate path and blessing. Anything that was believed to be sinful or was of material desires would be considered a sin, and later requires extensive prayer for God 's forgiveness. Puritans believed that their philosophy would last forever, and it would never become under threat from both seen and unseen forces. Puritan society was formed in and around Massachusetts, and would become the basis of American society as we know it to be today. One place, in which Puritan philosophy was invaded with such unseen forces, dates back to Salem, Massachusetts in the late seventeenth century. This unseen force that invaded Puritan thought would become the basis to what we know today as being the Salem Witch Trials. The Salem Puritan society became overwhelmed with unseen forces, which they began to associate these forces to Witchcraft and Devil worship. This later would result in many deaths of women who were seen as being outsiders in the community. One account of such events is from a man named Cotton Mather, who wrote about the women and witness of the Witch trials entitled Wonders of the Invisible World. Cotton Mather writes about how the witches in the community are affecting the agriculture and cattle, thus causing the community to diminish. Mather 's use of nature to express concerns about spirituality, security and morality are shown through his ideas of devil worship and the Salem witch…
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