Puritanism And Its Impact On America

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Colonial America was shaped by the many Christian denominations of its founders. Christian ideals were one of the most important intellectual discussions on the mind of America’s founders. The Puritans were a separatist religious group that came to North America from England to escape religious persecution in the mid-seventeenth century. Its followers arrived to the northern English colonies in the New World and settled almost exclusively in the New England region. Led by John Winthrop, the Puritans formed the colony of Massachusetts, where their faith would prove to have an enormous impact over almost every aspect of colonial society. Their goal was to build a “city upon a hill”, representing a spiritually pure and idyllic society. Puritanism greatly influenced the political, social, and cultural aspects of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The strict nature of Puritanism is one factor that aided in making Massachusetts distinguishable from the rest of colonial America.
The Puritan name originally began as a form of insult by traditional Anglicans given to those who criticized and wanted to purify the Church of England. As one of the most important historical Puritan figures, John Winthrop was a prominent English lawyer and government official who was very passionate about his Puritan faith. During the late 1620s, Winthrop became increasingly upset with Charles I’s anti-Puritan policies and immigrated with his family to Massachusetts, where he served as its first governor in
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