Puritans Religious Beliefs

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The English reformed Protestants would be funded to establish a new colony in the America’s with almost radical ideals. They were called the Puritans, but shaped American history. John Winthrop led the expedition that bring this religion across the sea with good and pure examples. Puritan ideas and beliefs affected the political reign as well as the economy, not to mention the entire society.
Their religious ideals would shape almost everything about the community, as well as country. The church was a mandatory attendance in Puritan communities. While not all attendees were full members, things such as how the town would run and voting were decided by the church. For the Puritans, religious and political life were completely intertwined. (Puritans in America, Study, 2017) The Puritans believed that God had a unique covenant with them, and that they were expected to live by the beliefs of the scriptures. Just as other religious beliefs, such as the Amish, they had no tolerance for drinking, sex without procreating. Many were often left in fear of what their ultimate fate was after death, whether eternal salvation or damnation. Because of their mandatory expectations, early migrants of the Massachusetts Bay colonies were full members of the Puritan churches.The church was very strict in their beliefs, and in their influence in the colonies.This fear and worship would be prevalent in most American religious, as well as their study and sacrifice.
The Puritans not only had
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