Puriteen Case

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Consumer Behaviour

Ajinkya Ankit Mate Nitin Verma Rajat Shubham Saini Sonakshi Saini

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CASE BACKGROUND A cosmetics company Puriteen has acquired a perfume and cologne company previously managed by the Depuys Henri and Marie who named the two perfumes after their names. Puriteen aimed to develop a marketing program for the two newly acquired perfumes. Despite being rated high in consumer smell preference tests, it was understood that the success of such products depended upon an appealing image for the brand and only if consumers’ ideal self image is effectively mapped with the brand perception.

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As these consumers have a busy schedule and are always on the go, the most appropriate medium for such consumers would be the print media, social media and the internet.

Communication Design Nako is based on a sensational theme and is defined by qualities like unadorned, primitive and sensuous. This concept is designed for a woman who listens to her own mind, can take independent decisions and goes her own free way. Difference identified between actual self concepts and ideal self concept shows that most of the respondents believe themselves to be delicate, economical, natural and not too choosy. However, they define their ideal self concepts as somewhat harsh and insensitive, luxurious, ornate and particular about their choices. These attributes have the highest observed differences and should be stressed upon in the communication design to effectively motivate the target consumers to buy Henry’s. It should come out well in the communication plan that the women who aspire to be luxurious, not too delicate, independent, sensational, particular and adorned should definitely try this product to achieve their ideal images. Celebrity Endorsements A woman celebrity personifying the above mentioned qualities should be depicted in the advertisement so that target audience can relate to them and get motivated to try the product. In case models are used in the advertisement, they should be portray an image

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