Purnell 's Cultural Assessment Model Essay

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Purnell’s Cultural Assessment Model Paper
Purnell’s Model for Cultural Competencies is represented by a circle. The perimeter of the circle is made up of three different layers, each representing something different. The outer layer represents the global society; the middle layer represents the individual’s family and the inner layer of the perimeter represents the individual. The center of the circle is divided up into twelve different categories, which look like slices of a pie. Each of these categories represents part of one of the 12 different cultural domains. The very center of the circle, inside the pie slices is a small black circle, this represents all the unknown information about the individual (Dayer-Berenson, 2014).
JN is a young adult, who lives in a rural are in central Minnesota. He comes from a background of a hard-working family. Neither him nor his parents attended college. Everyone felt that it was right to start working right out of high school. Living in a rural area, JN and his family must travel farther to get the things they need. Although living in a rural area is not always convenient, he feels as if it is home and has no desire to move.
JN uses English as his first language. JN remained eye contact and a clear tone of voice. However, JN did seem to be hesitant about sharing all personal information. It appears he felt this was something that should only be shared throughout the family, not with someone outside of it.
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