Purple Hibiscus Analysis

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Religious Conflict and Influence:
The Root of the Problem in Purple Hibiscus Purple Hibiscus (2003) by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is a novel with a strong impact and effective demonstration of potential issues among different communities with different beliefs. It takes place 20th century Nigeria in times where government corruption is on the rise which results in major tension in society. The main character, Kambili, from whom which the point of view derives from, is a shy and obedient girl. Papa, Kambili’s father, is a very powerful, strict, and religious man with questionable tendencies relating to the way he treats his family. Mama, Kambili's mother, Jaja, Kambili's brother, Papa-Nnukwu, Papa's father, Aunty Ifeoma, Papa's sister, and Kambili have all been negatively affected by Papa's actions which are all dictated by religion. Religion in Purple Hibiscus is the root of the conflict and without it, there wouldn't be any story to be told. Adichie brilliantly demonstrates this theme of negative religious influence by deeply highlighting the emotions of each character in every event that takes place which allows the reader to gain better insight into the story. Adichie’s way of conveying the emotions of the characters is especially prominent when emotional pain is involved. This detailed emotional insight is shown when Papa, “lowered the kettle into the tub, tilted it toward my feet. He poured the hot water on my feet, slowly, as if he were conducting an
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