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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel, Purple Hibiscus, reflects her perspective on gender inequality because she distinguishes characters like Mama and Aunty Ifeoma as women with contrasting viewpoints on ‘shrinking themselves’. Mama confirms her embodiment of society’s standard to belittle herself by desiring to return home after Papa assaults (abuses) her. In Nsukka, Mama makes the unethical decision, although she suffers a miscarriage due to Papa smashing a table on her womb. Aunty Ifeoma compares the twisted family chemistry to “a house [that] is on fire”(Adichie 213) because of the insensible violence that her “Nwunye m” faces. Ifeoma foreshadows the rising tension that’s destroying the family telling Mama the truth. Mama believes that returning…show more content…
After disowning his own father, Ifeoma criticizes Papa because of his willingness to take on responsibilities that do not belong to him. She denounces his tendency “to do [God’s] job” (95-96) in determining Papa Nnukwu fate. Moreover, She believes that his constant bigotry and hatred towards his father is senseless. Ifeoma does not understand how his religious beliefs could not overpower his love for his own blood. Her bold statement categorizes her as an audacious woman because she is not afraid to say what is on her mind. Therefore, Aunty Ifeoma’s resistance to the standards that society imposes on women is unique and distinguish her as a woman with no intention of diminishing…show more content…
After Nnukwu’s departure, Ifeoma rejects his brother for disowning his father and insisting that he still have a Christian funeral. She claims that she would rather “put [her] dead husband’s grave up for sale” (189) before she holds a evangelistic funeral. Aunty Ifeoma stands up to Papa and refuses not tolerate his ignorant notion of putting his religion before his family. She willingly places the memory of her late husband on the line to refute Papa’s fallacious priorities. Because of Papa Nnukwu’s belief in traditionalism, Aunty Ifeoma must rise above the blindness of her brother and defend her family. Overall, her rebellion and boldness towards Papa establish her as a strong independent woman in
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