Purple Hibiscus by Chidimanmanda Ngozi Adichie

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Chidimanmanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian author, her first ever novel Purple Hibiscus was criticised for addressing the important issues of postcolonial studies such as violence against women and brutal feminism. Alice Walker is an American author as well as a poet, her bestselling novel The Colour Purple was firmly criticised on showing the severity of feminist injustice Feminism is a movement defining the equality and rights for women. Feminism opens potential meaning in these novels as it creates a gateway for the females who are victimised to speak up and to portray their feelings and situations which arise in the novels for the women to vindicate themselves and earn their freedom from the men that surround them. Points such as male…show more content…
She never mentions to anyone about the beatings, but people have their suspicions. There is some proof shown in the novel, ‘jagged scar on her forehead’, ‘the swollen eye’ and the fact that she ‘polishes the figurines on the étagère after every episode of beating’. Once, Eugene took the family to see the priest and Beatrice refused to get out of the car as she felt dizzy, she was later beaten at home because Eguene took her refusal to leave the car as disrespectful and thought her to be questioning his authority. She suffered a miscarriage from this beating. It wasn’t only Beatrice that suffered from the hands of Eguene, Kambili the daughter gets flogged as she broke the role of eating solid food an hour before mass. In the case of child abuse, Jaja too is physically abused by Eugene, living in constant fear of his never ending attacks. Even though at times, he expresses his love for his children, the way he maltreats them almost surpasses the fact that he claims to love them greatly. He boils water to scald their feet, kicks Kambili to the point where she feels ‘the metal buckles on his slippers stung like mosquito bite’. The marital status in these novels can almost be taken for a sham. None of the relationships are how they’re meant to be. People often think that a marriage is for two people and for two people alone. In Walker’s novel The Colour Purple, the character of Celie is put into an
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