Purpose And Goals Of Counseling

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Please read carefully the information provided below and if you have any questions or want further clarification, please let me know and we can discuss it in detail.
Education and Credentials
I hold a Master’s (M.Ed.) degree in Psychological Counseling, with a specialization in Mental Health track, from Teacher’s College, Columbia University in New York City. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of New York and also a member of the New York Mental Health Counseling Association (NYMHCA). I have been practicing counseling since 2009 and have worked in many settings including college, hospital and non-profit settings. I have been in private practice in New York since 2013.
Purpose and Goals of Counseling
The counseling process is a continuous model in which the counselor and the client collaboratively set goals, formulate action plans, and assess progress toward the goals. I cannot guarantee any specific outcomes but we will discuss your progress as we go along and make changes in our goals and treatment as needed.
The long-term goals may be improving the quality of your life, learning to live with mindfulness and self-actualization. Some of the more immediate goals may be decreasing anxiety and depression symptoms, developing healthy relationships, changing behavior etc. Whatever the goals for counseling are, they will be set by you according to what you want to work on in counseling. I may make suggestions on how to reach that goal but you decide where you
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