Purpose And Hypothesis Of The Study

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Purpose and Hypothesis of the Study The purpose for the study by Suitor, Gilligan, Johnson, and Pillemer (2014) was to see if there would sibling tension between, brothers, sisters, and or both, when their mother was in need of care due to age or sickness. A factor such as favoritism might affect the outcome of the study since this might bring a sense of competition within the siblings. Past studies were done that were similar to this one, as a result of that, the expected outcome of the study was that tension would be much higher between siblings if the mother was in a situation that required serious care rather than simple care.
Participants of the study range from different families. There were brothers, sisters, and both brothers and sisters. In total there were 450 siblings from the city of Massachusetts used for the study. However, there were only 214 families in the study. As a result, some families had more than 2 siblings. That also meant there were a total of 214 mothers from ages 65 to 75 that were in the study. Unfortunately the age of the siblings was not given. (Suitor et al., 2014).
Methods and procedures Before the initial study began, Suitor et al., (2014) used a Massachusetts list, which had various families that were open for the study. At first, there were originally 566 mothers that were willing to be part of the study. Once the mothers were contacted, only a few out of the 566 were serious about the study. Unfortunately some were too ill and
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