Purpose And Indirect Measurement Of M & M 's Lab

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MaryAnn Marichal
Ms. Wilson
Physics/ FLVS
July 20, 2015
1.18- M&M 's Lab
Purpose: To practice direct and indirect measurement
Introduction: Do you think you could measure the average thickness of a sample of M&Ms without directly measuring selected M&Ms? The answer is "yes," and in this activity you will make direct and indirect measurements of the thickness of M&Ms. You will compare the results and evaluate the reliability of each method of measurement. Be sure to view the tutorial on the proper use of the vernier caliper. Please re-visit the information on when to cite sources.
Since a graduated cylinder is usually used for liquid measurement, students think they need to put water in the cylinder. This is not true for this activity. The graduated cylinder will be kept clean and dryfor this activity. It is also important to remember that in the metric system, one mL is the same volume as one cubic centimeter (1 ml = 1 cm3).
Materials: none
Pictures will be provided of the experiment. Materials used in obtaining the pictures are a bag of regular (NOT peanut) M&Ms (about 8 oz), plastic vernier caliper, and 100 ml plastic graduated cylinder.

Start with a clean and dry 100 ml plastic graduated cylinder. Add M&Ms until the graduated cylinder is about 3/4 full. Gently tap the graduated cylinder to "settle" the M&Ms. Read the volume of M&Ms in cm3 and record the value in Data Table 1.
"Pour" the M&Ms onto a clean, dry table or other flat surface. Use your hands to
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