Purpose And Scope Of Communications Management Plan Essay

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1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 PURPOSE AND SCOPE OF COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT PLAN The purpose of this Communications Management Plan (CMP) is to define the processes required to ensure timely and efficient disposition of all project information. It also provides appropriate methods for information collection, screening, formatting and distribution of project information. Additionally, it provides an understanding among project teams regarding actions and processes necessary to facilitate the critical links among people, ideas, and information that are necessary for project success. Communications planning activities identify the appropriate level of communication for each project stakeholder, what information should be distributed and the frequency of communications. This plan also includes the vehicle of communications (email, meetings, etc.) The risk of insufficient planning could result in failure to accomplish key project objectives, duplication of effort, and reduced stakeholder confidence. All communications efforts should be based on this explicit, detailed Communications Management Plan, with a matrix of specific actions addressing communications needs of each stakeholder group. The overall objective of a CMP is to ensure the success of the project by facilitating the communications necessary to meet the needs of project stakeholders. Each group has separate, identifiable communication requirements that will be explicitly catered to by implementing this CMP. 2
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