Purpose And Understanding Of An Authentic Servant Leader

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Authenticity During an initial class with adult learners, I ask them to share a crucible moment, focusing on a time of pressure, severe test or situation that changed their thinking or the direction of their lives. The purpose and understanding of reflection is important in instruction. Authentic leaders have a clear understanding of who they are and they lead from their core values (Northouse, 2016). In discovering my core values by following my internal leading in becoming an authentic servant leader (George, 2010), I am able to recognize the importance of being self-aware, relational, supportive, and participatory with the ability to manage crisis (Northouse, 2016). I struggle with delegating responsibility, which is a needed skill in Higher Education as a Director or Dean. Pivotal events and opportunities led me toward the education field. Shultz (2011) states that people have a deep need to connect on a human level. The ability to be vulnerable, transparent, show weakness, and to demonstrate authenticity, helps students to trust and connect on a deeper level. The process of authenticity requires development over a lifetime (Northouse, 2016). Findings through the questionnaires indicate colleagues and students see the characteristics of a leader in me. In the current position as an Assistant-Director for Advising, communication, social skills, and empathy are essential. While these qualities are evident and help to meet the goals of the university and student, to
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