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Rick Warren in his book the purpose driven church was mandated to attempt to put in print the story of Saddleback church. From shear curiosity be both Jew and gentile most religious and business leaders had at least a cursory interest in how a church grew to 10,000 attendees. Call it divine intervention, a killer marketing plan, being at the right place at the right time, blind luck or a combination of them all. Spending 25 years in corporate America I view Rick Warrens approach to growing a church (or anything for that matter) as spot on. His due diligence (neighborhood survey) growth assumptions and overhead (17-19 locations) product (The Gospel) delivery and the, vision, purpose and organizational structure have delivered noticeable …show more content…
Love is the last thing most would think of in today’s modern church. However Pastor Warren is quick to point out that “today the church is not facing a radically different world mindset but rather a challenge in communication, speak to the unbeliever in terms they can understand and relate to”.

Who: Matt 10:5-6 the who….Jews and not Samaritans, or gentiles

What: A church for the un-churched. “If the church is not affecting the world, it is not being effective, affecting the world starts in your community”.

How: focus “They want to hear something on Sunday that they can apply on Monday”

Saturday and Sunday messages to the seeker, have great music and child care

Can one church possibly meet the needs of every type of person? Matt 10:5-6

Just as Corinthians describes the church as a body with many members creating the whole based on individual gifts. Churches are members of Christ body reaching out to a diverse creation.


Gender……Male and Female

Ethnicity……..White, African American, Hispanic, Asian

Vocation………White collar, Blue collar

Education……………High School, College, Graduate school


“He caught fish on their terms” preach about things that people can apply to their lives. Make the gospel come alive and demonstrate that it is as relevant
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