Purpose & Effects of Religion Religion is something that can offer a person harmony and peace; it

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Purpose & Effects of Religion Religion is something that can offer a person harmony and peace; it also can be a bit destructive as well as harmful to some people. For many people religion is a very touchy subject, mainly because many people believe that their religion is the right one and the rest are wrong. Personally I believe that this has caused many people to be divided. From what I have experienced, some religious groups often preach for them to stay with fellow believers however, our country is mixed with many religions. In my opinion I do not feel that you cannot interact with other people no matter their religion. Believers of any religion will rely on whatever they are taught or believe that the religion says and stands for.…show more content…
Many people donate money to the organization because of the fact that they are Christian related and this helps them to be able to provide more help for the clients and residents that they have. Many of the workers are Christians and they sometimes go out of their way to help the people in many other ways. Even when they are not at work and they drive or walk down the street, they sometimes stop to help and or offer money to the homeless. This in my opinion is how religion has had a positive effect in the world. Another way that religion has had a positive effect in our world is nationalism. From what I have read Nationalism includes some common factors that unite society to form a nation. An example of nationalism is when the events 9/11 took place, religion and faith played a large role in comforting the nation as a whole. It is my opinion that religion was one of the biggest factors in helping the families and the victims that were affected by 9/11 to overcome their loss and getting the nation to unite. Religious wars- Recently we had a war on terror and it is my opinion that it was nothing but a holy war where the Muslims wanted to bring terror to those whom does not follow Muslim practices. This created a war that killed more people that converted and also caused the U.S to remain in fear and it created hate for the Muslim community by many people. The 9/11 attacks were by extremists but, they were Muslims and that is what caused a harm effect for the
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