Purpose Of A Business Model For An E Procurement Marketplace At Conduct Business

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Executive Summary

The aim of this report is to help XYZ Micro Turbines better understand the opportunities and challenges faced by leveraging an e-Procurement marketplace to conduct business, whilst maintaining a bespoke e-business solution for their customers.

The internet and World Wide Web have changed how we conduct business for ever, the basics of business remain the same, and a company with goods or services needs customers to purchase from them. E-business refers to a broader definition of E-Commerce, not just the buying and selling of goods and services, but also servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, and conducting electronic transactions within the organization (Turban, et al., 2002). What makes e-business different is the scope and range of the business/customer relationship. There is no longer the need for a face-to-face physical transaction to take place in order to procure goods or services. Through the use of technology e-business has revolutionised the way we think about and transact business. Understanding the different type of business model available to organisations helps drive their strategy. In this instance XYZ Micro Turbines wish to conduct business with its suppliers over and established e-Procurement marketplace yet create a bespoke e-business solution for customer purchases. This report aims to identify what XYZ Microturbines need to undertake to make sure they are ready to implement their business
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