Purpose Of A Quality Management Plan

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Quality Management Plan
1.0 Introduction
The purpose of a Quality Management Plan is to help achieve a high quality of construction based on the owner 's requests. At WOPACK Design-Build we have perfected our Quality Management Plan over a tremendous amount of projects, ensuring that all requirements and standards are met by all parties to ensure that the project is running on schedule, on budget and is of high quality.
1.1 Quality Objectives
This plan is WOPACK Design-Build’s project team’s documentation of the organizational structure, functional responsibility, levels of authority, and lines of communications for the activities that affect quality. All team members who perform quality functions have sufficient authority, access to work areas, and organized freedom to:
Verify that all provisions have been made to provide required control testing
Monitor the design, and the contractor’s daily work progress
Check dimensional requirements
Visually inspects materials received on site for proper documentation, completeness, and condition
Observe all required tests such as mechanical and electrical to verify that they are in compliance with the specifications
Ensure the completion of all deficiencies in materials and workmanship in a timely manner
Maintain a document control file
Work closely with all testing agencies to verify that all required tests are able to be performed
1.2 Quality Policies
WOPACK Design-Build has developed Quality policies that ensures a high quality…
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