Purpose Of An Emergency Action Plan

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Purpose of an Emergency Action Plan:
There is an inherent risk of injury in sport participation. In order to safely, quickly, and effectively deal with the possible injuries this risk may bring, an emergency action plan is needed. The staff involved in overseeing participants must know their roles in emergency situations, as well as proper procedure and protocols in order to provide quality care. An emergency action plan is essential in order to insure timely care in potentially life threatening situations and medical emergencies.
The Westover Skate Park is located at 305 South Dogwood Drive Harrisonburg VA, 22801. For the inline skating and skateboard clinic, EMS will be on stand-by at the event. If additional emergency help is required, this address should be given to the personnel responding to the call. Whoever makes the 911 call should also explain EMS must enter from the only entrance, at the front of the park, where the medical tent will be located. The caller, who will be assigned to be so by the first responder on scene, should also state the nature of the emergency, how many people are involved, care rendered to that point, and be prepared for any additional questions the operator may have. The caller should stay on the phone until the operator hangs up.
Sports Medicine Team:
1. Victoria Parish, ATC (Head Athletic Trainer): 757-535-9533
• Area to oversee: Quarter-pipes

2. Jeff Podeszwa, ATC: 609-613-1158
• Area to oversee: Rails and grind-box

3. Mike…
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