Purpose Of College Education

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A college education has been viewed as the key to the American dream. There are many opinions on the purpose of a college education from obtaining new information, becoming a more well-rounded individual or preparing for the workforce. Originally, the college education was primarily used to become more educated to provide services to society; however, the college education is perceived as an expectation and mandatory in becoming a useful person in society and workforce. The purpose of obtaining a college education to obtain the skills necessary to become a well-rounded individual in society.
Many students decide to go to college to obtain a higher education with the expectation that it will prepare them for the work force in a field that interests now. However, most career opportunities do not expect the newly college graduate to know much of anything. The true purpose of a college education revolves around creating a well-rounded person and figuring out your purpose in life. According to Michelle Singletary of The Washington Post, “My daughter, a junior in high school, wants to be an early elementary school teacher. She gets outstanding grades in math and science, but she doesn’t have a passion for those fields. But we talked about her career choice and had her think it through and consider other options before we all agreed she’s got a gift for teaching.” (Singletary). While Singletary’s daughter may not end up becoming a teacher, this is the point of going to college.
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