Purpose Of ESSA

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According to the Committee on Education and the Workforce (CEW), “Congress must replace No Child Left Behind with new policies that help every child access an excellent education.” (2015). They also stated that introducing ESSA, “will reduce the federal footprint, restore local control, and empower parents and education leaders to hold schools accountable for effectively teaching students.” The purpose of the ESSA to replace NCLB strict and unattainable regulations. For example, the accountability for the access of the students will depend on the state and school districts. Additionally, parents, particularly of those students who require special education, will have greater input in the education plan of the students and how it affects…show more content…
(The Education Trust, 2016). Title II provides funding for the teachers. According to National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), “To receive funds, a state has to have an approved plan to increase quality of these professionals which could include elements like: teacher certification requirements, teacher evaluations, alternative credential programs, or teacher retention. States have significant flexibility to design their plan.” (2016), This also seems to be an incentive for teachers, as they will receive the appropriate training and funding for appropriate activities. There is an estimate of 2.3 billion in grants offered in Title II based on need (poverty among students). (NACSA, 2017). Title III provides grants for Language instruction for English learners and Immigrant students. As mentioned previously, the act is aimed for English Learners (ELs) as they are now required to meet a certain standard of English proficiency. Through their development, that is how the quality of the school is measured (Migration Policy Institute). States would need to generate programs that allow English learners to achieve English proficiency and how they could further be assisted. Title IV focuses on 21st Century Schools in which is divided in different sectors; Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants, Community Learning Centers, Charter Schools, Magnet Schools
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