Purpose Of Education

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A teacher is one who nurtures her students and guides them to deep understanding of the world around them. As a teacher, I want to help the whole child grow and build a foundation for future learning. Children are the future and it is my job to prepare them for the real world.
The purpose of education is to nurture the interests and knowledge of a child, shaping them into independent men and women of society. I believe that education is the basis for success. Growing up, I was always reminded that going to school is important because I needed to be educated to be successful. This is an extremely valid statement as more and more jobs require a college degree. Therefore, the foundation of learning starts at a very early age, preschool and elementary school, and is built upon continually until death. The original purpose of education was “to prepare the young for their new role as self-governing citizens rather than as subjects bound to an alien sovereign or as private persons loyal primarily to their families, neighborhoods, churches, localities, or ethnic traditions” (Fege). Essentially, the purpose of education today is the same, we want children to become functional and productive members of society.
Content has never been solely based off of learning and regurgitating facts. The classroom is a place where students can learn soft skills and hard skills. Teachers should be more focused on engaging the student and encouraging them to learn at their own pace, and less on

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