Purpose Of Management Requirements Section

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1- What is the purpose of Management Requirements Section?
The purpose of management requirement is to manage the requirements hierarchy of a project to detect inconsistencies between them and ensure their traceability (Porter-Roth, 2002). In many professions, the expression of these requirements results in a number of documents whose coherence and quality determine the success or failure of the projects concerned. There is specialized software that allows assisting in the implementation of this activity. Some specifications (in high environmental quality applied to the frame, for example) may contain "performances" and "exigencies", including levels of expected results as the architect and project management are committed to achieving ( accountability for results, and sometimes means, for example using solar panels, of insulating products from plant materials from the organic farming, etc.) (Porter-Roth, 2002).
The traceability of requirements is the ability to easily read what happened and what it is supposed to happen to something. Requirements traceability is to document the lives of the requirements. It must be possible to trace their origin to each requirement and each changes affecting them; requirements must be documented for complete traceability. The requirements often come from various sources, such as the marketing team, customers or users. All these people have needs for the product (or system). The project stakeholders express needs that are formulated in the

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