Purpose Of Me Writing This Portfolio

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The purpose of me writing this portfolio is so my reviewers can understand the struggle that i have went through but also the improvement that I have went through this far in the semester. In my final portfolio I am going to put three types of essays the first one is going to be a timed essay the one I am going to put in of the timed essay is going to be my classification timed essay I did this semester. So you can see the growth I made this semester and the difference in my writing when it comes to a timed essay and a regular essay. The second essay I am going to put it in is a teacher edited essay and the name of that essay is called “ What A True Friend Means To Me.” The last essay I am going to put in my essay is a student edit essay and the name of that one is called “ Medication Should be Your choice.” I had a lot of struggle when it came to the timed essay because I felt like I didn 't have enough time and I wasn 't organized so it took me longer than others. But I know for next time I have a timed essay to free write first and to make better use of my time so I can get better into detail. Also I feel as though I could’ve gotten a 4/4 in my last timed essay because I understood more but I had trouble with how should I start off but once I started writing it came to me I just wish we had time to write out ideas and then another time to actually start the essay. Going to writing Skills III was worth it because I use to think how I was writing my essay in high school was
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