Purpose Of Needs Assessment Of School Counseling Programs

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Purpose of Needs Assessments
School counselors use data to, “identify school counseling program goals; monitor student progress to close the achievement gap; assess and evaluate programs; demonstrate school counseling program effectiveness (Young, 2013).” The purpose of assessments are to identify and plan school counseling programs that align with the mission of schools. School counselors assist students individually to help with academic, personal/social or career concerns. One helps student establish goals as well as develop plans. School counselors conduct informal assessments by interviewing students to obtain information about their current problem or situation.
Informal assessments are usually conducted when time is critical. For instance a school counselor may conduct an informal assessment by interviewing a student and asking questions. According to Hackney, “School counselors should ask open-ended questions that require a response, instead of yes and no answers. In order to obtain more information or to get a better understanding of student response, one will have to rephrase or paraphrase questions. When conducting interviews one needs to be mindful of students cognitive develop. Students will be more willing to share information with others if they feel safe, before students disclose any information, the school counselor should review student rights to privacy and confidentiality in language they can understand.” It is important for school counselors
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