Purpose Of Performance Appraisal Performance

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Literature Review Purpose of Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal aims at clarifying the employees work expectation, improving employee development, linking pay with performance and assessing workforce development (Mathus and Jackson, 1998). It makes employees to become aware of the organizations expectations after performance evaluation which helps them in improving their performance (de Waal, 2004). This is further emphasized by Gabris and Ihrke (2000) who found out that the main aim of performance appraisal is the provision of periodic and formal feedback to individual staff members. According to Wanna, et al (1992), the objective of staff appraisal is to improve planning and service delivery at the general level and also to provide feedback to individual officers. Thus performance appraisal provides information to help manage employees in such a way that employee performance improves (Denisi and Robert, 2006). The ultimate goal of most performance appraisal systems is to increase employee motivation and productivity The evolution of performance Appraisal can be traced back to the reign of second caliph of Islam, Hazrat Umar (634- 644 A.D /13-23 AH) who laid the foundations of many State institutions and enunciated several administrative laws that are being followed and adopted by many nations of the world till today as a role model of true administration. Hazrat Umar, before appointing an officer for any duty, would thoroughly investigate his potentials and
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