Purpose Of Probation And Punishment

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Probation and Punishment

Purpose and Characteristics of Prisons Prisons are there to keep convicted wrongdoers from the society, with the aim of punishing and correcting them. Johnson (2005) outlines forms of punishment, and identifies imprisonment as one of the most complex form of punishment. Imprisonment affects the prisoner’s material possession because they can do little to earn themselves while under incarceration, and they may end up losing their jobs and livelihood. The prisoner is also affected psychologically as he or she is under the control of the state. The jailing attacks the psyche by attempts at reformation, leading to mental deterioration that occur due to the negative environment of prisons. At the same time, imprisonment may lead into physical harm, as most prisons across the world are known to house quite violent individuals. Given this, there are other more lenient ways of correcting individuals. This is by offering probation to prisoners who are not considered to be serious offenders or who do not have a long history in crime. Additionally, this option is much cheaper and reduces the amount the state spends on keeping the prisoners behind bars.
Case of Kris Kris is a 25 year old who has had a brief history of crime. When he was 13 years old, he committed a crime of battery, and was put on probation. During his probation, Kris was again arrested for criminal trespass and his probation time was extended. He went on to successfully complete the
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