Purpose Of Public Education

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Section 1- The Purpose of Public Education
I believe one purpose of public education is to prepare students for life. Public education should provide the knowledge and skills students need to apply outside of school to be a contributing member of society. We need to raise and educate kids to be self-sufficient economically and socially. Public education should provide students an opportunity to develop their social skills, communication skills, and be active problem solvers. I think this purpose of public education drives how schools are formed and governed, but isn’t student-centered. According to Ken Robinson, the public-school system was created to support industrialism and better our economy.
I believe the most important purpose
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A teacher should know the national and state teaching standards, and be able to link those standards to their curriculum and teaching. Standards specify what students should know and be able to do in the classroom- they serve as goals for teaching and learning (WI DPI, 2017).
I believe an exemplary teacher is also one who truly cares about their students, academically and personally, and builds relationships with their students so they can be the best resource possible for their students to succeed. Building and maintaining relationships with students can make teaching more effective because when you earn the students’ trust, they are more likely to engage in class and come to you for help. Teachers should also know how to apply classroom management strategies in their classroom to make teaching time as effective as possible. Classroom management is using techniques that maintain a healthy, productive learning environment, relatively free of behavior problems (Woolfolk, 2014).

Section 3- Optimal Teaching I believe a teacher optimally teaches by presenting content in a way that is meaningful and relatable for students. This can also be described as pedagogical content knowledge, which combines the mastery of academic content with knowing how to teach the content and how to match instruction to student differences (Woolfolk,
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