Purpose Of Slavery Essay

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The purpose of slavery really has no meaning if you really think about it, but it does however point to important clues in which we can learn from. For instance to some the purpose of slavery was for the Africans to not be free until they could change the color of their skin. To others it was for free labor for crops and other stuff people grew in order to make money and have power over others. The most common reason for slavery was the money in buying and selling because it was in today’s money a million dollar industry. The other purpose is power. Every man wants power and this is what slavery did for them.
The changing of an Africans skin is very unlikely because it basically impossible. The reason behind this statement is the fact that
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Since charging someone to do it became pricey they used slaves to do it for free. It saved time and money and became beneficial to the slaves as well. This gave a lot of power to the slave owners because now they could do many thing. They leased out the slaves for any purpose such as helping other masters. In the quote “He may work him, flog him, hire him out, sell him” shows how much the slave owners did just to make money when they didn’t need that slave for harvest.
Africans were believed to not have power, nor should they ever have it. They were not to own things nor acquire them by no means necessary. They were made to be owned by others because they were underneath everyone else. They were used for beatings, labor, and even for sexual practices. Slaves were used like in today’s words would be called a “ragdoll”.
In my conclusion of what was the purpose of slavery I believe that each of them were used for purposes that were inhumane. They were not treated like a human, they were looked at as another species. Many of which even received death by punishment because of how their owners treated them. The purpose of slavery has no real answer because everyone interpreted it in a different way and honestly it was just plain
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