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Statement of purpose
Since childhood, my mother has inspired my life by teaching me that the best contribution we can make in this life, and the greatest success we can enjoy comes from helping others to have a better life, particularly poor people. As I grew up, it was very hard for me to see a needy person and not being able to help. So, providing help to others in any possible way became the focus of my life.

Accordingly, I decided to major in nursing after high school, as a way to help people recover and get better. During the period of my undergraduate study, I used to spend most of my free time at the campus studying or teaching my classmates, and I showed a high level of competences and skills in nursing and was thankfully able to finish my bachelor degree with an excellent GPA. Soon after my graduation, I worked as an ICU nurse for three years at the Specialty Hospital, a well-known private hospital in Jordan. After the first year of my work, I wanted to get more engaged with the community, and obtain a higher level of knowledge about disease prevention.
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I remember that I used to sleep in the praying area at the hospital after night shifts instead of going home, in order not to miss any of my classes because my home was far from the campus. Due to my tough working conditions, I chose the course-based program for completing my degree with the hope that I study at a world-known university and write a thesis in a specific public health field at the nearest opportunity, and then I pursue a PhD in the future. Although I had a very busy schedule, I didn’t disregard my passion to help, So I used to participate in health promotion campaigns, and I volunteered with a local NGO by delivering a training course to 7th grade students in one governmental school for two months, and I was also eager to volunteer with some NGOs that help refugees in Jordan. but unfortunately, I could not get a

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