Purpose Of The Disability Voting Rights

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Purpose of the Disability Voting Rights Paper
This paper argues the disabled communities do not enjoy full voting rights to participate in the political system. There are several political factors that explain why the concerns of the disabled communities have largely been ignored or not adequately addressed. The Committee of Seventy is an organization with strong political influence over the elections held every year in the City of Philadelphia, PA. The organizational enjoys a great reputation among local politicians, CEOs, and other socially-affluent residents of the city. It is important to acknowledge the disabled communities have limited voting rights. People with disabilities face stigma and discrimination that may discourage some
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Need for Strategic Change
The Committee of Seventy has successfully implemented a civic reform strategy in the City of Philadelphia. The residents of Philadelphia desire equal voting rights. The gerrymander system controls districts throughout the city. Both Republican and Democratic parties have acknowledged gerrymandering strategies help them protect districts (Persily, 2007).
The gerrymander system is a primary strategic tool. The strategic planning can help address the problems created by the gerrymander system that limit voting rights and result in controlled elections (Byrson, 2010). The disabled communities are often invisible under the gerrymander system because both political parties focus on race and age, and this is true in the City of Philadelphia as well. The voter turnout tends to be low among the members of the disabled communities assuming other factors including the demographics are constant (Schur et al., 2002). The Voting Rights Act Re-authorization in 2006 didn’t help much as the voter turnout, whether measured by state or racial group, still declined (Persily, 2007). The electronic Absentee-Ballot forms also discourage political engagement by the disabled communities. The use of strategic tools by both parties further limits the political participation by the disabled communities. The research literature has identified several reasons why people with disabilities may have trouble driving to the
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