Purpose Of The Heaton Manor Letter

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Heaton Manor Letter The purpose of the Heaton Manor letter is to ensure that parents have a full understanding about the school trip, which will be taking place. This is because the school need to receive permission from the parents in order to allow the children to visit the trip. Moreover, this ensures that parents are aware of their children 's location and safety. This is because if the child has a specific illness. This ensures that the parents are aware where the child is and along with that, they can give the medication of the child. This means that the child has everything needed. The Heaton Manor letter is suitable as the letter is presented formally, which allows the parents to understand easily. Also the terminology used is not…show more content…
However, generally writing a letter to the parents the paper is brief. This is because parents like letters, which are easy to read where the information is brief. The page orientation is portrait because it makes is easier for the reader to read. This is because during the olden days people started writing in portrait in offices. Therefore, letters are written in portrait. The writing style is formal. This is because then you can convey a sense of professionalism and help the reader to get right to the message itself. The letter is formal this is because the Head of ICT is writing to the parents of the students. Therefore, it is important for the Head of ICT who is writing the letter to explain it properly. This is because they are writing to the parents of the student. It is important for the Head of ICT to be clear to the parents and fully understand what the Head of ICT is writing. The text style is Times & New Roman. This is because it is widespread. The text blocks are much easier to read and the font has serifs in upper and lower case. Therefore, it is commonly used and it is very simple. The text is not at the centre, but it is on the left, this is because in England people read from the left. Moreover, the font size is twelve. This is because this font size is not big and it is the right size and clear enough for someone to read. It is simple and people will not have any issues with their eyesight. This is an important
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