Purpose Of Virginia Woolf

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The author I have chosen is Virginia Woolf because I found her a very interesting woman. She is an English author who wrote modernist classics and in 1915 she published her first novel called The Voyage Out. She did not attend to the school, instead, she was taught at home; the first thing she started to write was a family newspaper called the Hyde Park Gate News, in which she recorded all the funny moments her family spent.

With the death of her mother, she went to King’s College in London where she studied in German, Greek and Latin at the Ladies’ Department. It was there where she became a radical feminist in terms of educational reforms. In addition to the death of her mother, her father also died, and as a result she was in a deep depression, which was the cause of her suicide in 1941.

Virginia Woolf got married to Leonard Woolf, and she went to the River Ouse’s banks in North Yorkshire, where she wrote a series of letters to him before she died. Those letters are a clear proof that she suffered a
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There are proofs which say that Virginia Woolf’s prose can be seen as a translation from the musical to the literary; and as a consequence, “the reader becomes a translator, a listener and a performer, and a very act of reading a concert in which the novel resonates of a variety of voices, noises and discourses”[ Palusci, Oriana. “Translating Virginia Woolf’s Music”, Translating Virginia Woolf, 2012 p.63]. In addition to that, Kaman Brathwaite said that “poetry is a form of music”[ Pierpaolo Martino. “’Poetry is a Form of Music’. Intrevista a Kamau Brathwaite, con un saggio introductivo”, Exodus. Studi sulla letteratura anglo-caraibica. Bari, Grahpis, 2009, p.119], so that is why Virginia Woolf’s writings portrays the passage, not only from prose to poetry, but also from literature to
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