Purpose Of Writing During WW1

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Writer’s purpose, reader’s goal, organization
Orhan Pamuk once said, “The writer's secret is not inspiration - for it is never clear where it comes from - it is his stubbornness, his patience.” The writer’s general purpose is to determine the expertise that he wants to apply in his writing. The writer’s purpose and organization of writing is to persuade, entertain, inform, and draws the reader’s attention to the information. In the same way, the readers’ goals are reading the content, of seeking information, and increasing knowledge through reading. In these three articles, the authors have specific purpose and discipline the specific futures, and the reader's goal is to collect the noteworthy information. The first article, “The Nature of
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In this article the author informs readers, why camouflage was a unique technique during World War I. Camouflage is not being invisible with surrounding, but camouflage can also take the opposite approach and was important at that time, because the British and American fleets’ admirals developed dazzle camouflage to protect ships from submarine. In that time, it was hard enough to vanish a ship in camouflage on the ocean. Instead, they used the extreme opposite colorful impact, such as: strong, contrasting color and bold random shape patterns, so they are able to stand out even more. Therefore, the writer’s purpose is to persuade with facts are presented in order to provide description about a problem situation; it is also important to note that the author presents his work as informational describing the British navy’s talent called razzle dazzle, design on ship imitated animal camouflage to throw off the German…show more content…
Fashion ‘Stars’-in Strips” entertaining news article. These three articles have one common thing using the pictures to illustrate ideas, which gives the readers another interest when reading a great deal of information about those articles. Writer uses camouflage to organize these articles in a disciplinary way. The author fulfill the purpose by going on to easily understood explains, “Biomimicry” is an innovation inspired by nature, filled with solutions for scientist, and the practice of adopting natural structures and strategies to solve problems. “In the early days” the author's purpose is to narrate a problem's solution described by technique approach for British navy keep away from enemies, and in “Razzle dazzle” article, the author has the purpose of explaining the back story of why black and white stripes are used in fashion design. In addition, reader’s goal is reading the task content of seeking information and increase knowledge through reading. Moreover, reader’s goal is to please himself in fascinating subject and satisfy by the unfamiliar content interactions with
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