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Statement of Purpose

To me, language is not only a medium of communication, but it is also a mean people use to express their identity and culture. Learning language in any of the aspects and contexts can be advantageous and it can give productive contributions to learning, teaching, and researching on language and linguistics. If anyone asks about the relationship between a language and me, I can say that I see myself in three different positions: a language learner, a language teacher, and a language researcher.
As a language learner, I exploded to English when I was eleven studying in a community primary school. It was a very fundamental course for a student in Thailand. It did not play any role in my life but a subject. When I was in a university, I majored in English and enrolled in many English subjects as a fundamental stage which helped me open my perspective in full range of English language learning. --------------- Furthermore, I studied more intensive in ______ for a master degree which extended to me wider and more profound aspects in language and its varieties. It gave me chances study deeper by discovering my own interest and conducting a research.
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The first came in the form of self-exploring as I sought out as many chances as I could to have more expertise in English. I and my friends gave our junior students tutorial hours since we were in the second year in a university and we did it for two years. During a term break, I also taught English in a Montessori school for young children. These gave more opportunities practicing my English in addition to learning in a class. The second experience was from my career path as I spent three years teaching in a high school and five years for undergraduate level. Teaching for career is something attractive and impressive to me that I teach the students and at the same time learn from them
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