Purpose. The Purpose Of The Study Is To Have An Understanding

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Purpose The purpose of the study is to have an understanding that immigrant youth in the Unites States are at a greater risk for weight management problems than non-Hispanic White Youth. It also provides an insight on how assessment of participation and weight management strategies promote greater engagement in healthy weight management and guide program development in wellness and health promotion for immigrants and refugees. Some research questions that protrude in this study are whether limiting access to healthy food choices and few opportunities for exercise affect’s one’s occupational performance and occupational choices which leads to occupational alienation, occupational deprivation, and occupational marginalization? Does…show more content…
These sources were relevant at that particular time period and it proves to meet the purpose of the study around the time period it was published. However, it makes sense because it addresses the need for cultural adaption of health promotion programs and developed a conceptual model for cultural competence based on cognitive, behavioral, and contextual factors. Studies have concluded that a multilevel strategy is needed for obesity intervention to promote healthy eating, physical activity, and healthy lifestyles. Method Participants: Twenty Burmese refugee high school students that were participating in the Summer Scholars Program. Participants included 14 females and 6 male students from two different community high schools who were able to read, write, and understand English. The students were recruited via the Summer Scholars Program which is an 8-wk scholarship program that used participatory action research to provide skills building and leadership development to empower Burmese students. The program focused on team building, healthy behaviors, English language development, college preparation, university campus visits, and application of critical thinking. Yes, the students meet the purpose of the study although there was no requirement that the program participants be overweight or obese. However, program activities were highly interactive, fun, and intensive, and healthy weight management was incorporated
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