Purpose and Audience for the AT&T Site

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In discussing the purpose and audience for the AT&T site, the possibilities are endless.This is due to the fact that the document is online, which means it is exposed to more people than a regular print document would most likely be exposed too. The fact that the document is a website and available on the internet makes the purpose more multi-faceted based on the audience groups viewing it. People the ages of 3 to 99 are on the internet these days. The internet is something that most people use to access information about well anything. The AT&T sites purpose is to promote their brand, and inform people about it. Before looking at the AT&T site I wasn’t aware of all of the different services they offer other than wireless, after only viewing the page for seconds I quickly became informed otherwise. That is there purpose brand awareness, making people aware of the brand and promoting all of their services. The site also has a section that informs people about the company and what their goals and ambitions are as a company. The “about AT&T link also goes into depth about the active role that AT&T plays in the community.The site also promotes their careers available at AT&T, and even gives current AT&T members access to support for their services. Although the site has many purposes, I would say that the main purpose is brand awareness. AT&T centers their site around all of the different products and services they offer, they want to get the word out about everything that
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