Purpose and History of Punishment

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Purpose and History of Punishment
The American society of punishment has been heavily based on British law, which has in turn grown from Western capital punishment and personal retribution. In the seventh century A.D. leaders in government have begun to realize that crimes harmed society. The government started becoming more involved in controlling crimes and punishment for the crimes being committed. To protect the citizens the leaders of the governing body assembled a set of laws that were passed along with punishments for crimes. The government devised a list of different crimes that could have several different punishments, so the government determined a list of punishments that could fit the crimes. Throughout this era many of the
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The Auburn system took a spin on the Pennsylvania system by using solitary confinement and hard labor, but the Auburn system went to the next degree and sought out to humiliate inmate by chaining them together and enforcing the prison stripe dress code. Punishment in the Auburn system was often very server and very quick. The Auburn system was seen as a very brutal system, but paved way for the prison systems of today.
Both the Auburn and Pennsylvania system used hard labor to help rehabilitate convicts in the past. In today’s world labor is still used in the prison system but not to the extent it had been in the past because of the overcrowding problem in the system. The prison systems do not have enough staff to be able to get these inmates out to do the labor. So the breakdown in the system today gives way to a weak Auburn
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