Purpose of Higher Education

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Education plays a significant part of our livelihood. With the way how the world is advancing a higher education is a requirement. For example, working in the field of computer information technology one may seek a degree in Computer Science or a related subject. Without a higher education one may have some difficulties with being promoted within a company or being able to go forth in life as far as providing for their family. One may apply to college for various reasons, but the purpose of higher education is for a higher earning job, for self-improvement, and being a role model. Having a college degree one is likely able to obtain a high salary occupation. For example, the Virginia data reveal graduates from University of…show more content…
People have their own reasons why they may choose a higher education it may be for personal reasons or it may be for a career reason. In the end it has its benefits of expanding your professional opportunity and improving your income future. Those holding bachelor’s degrees earn about $2.27 million over their lifetime, while those with master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees earn $2.67 million, $3.25 million, and $3.65 million respectively. With having a college degree the purpose of higher education brings a higher earning job, it helps one with the improvement of self, and to be a good example for
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