Purpose of Higher Education: Yesterday and Today

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Higher education Yesterday and Today What is the purpose of higher education today and what do you think it should be? Higher education refers to a collegiate program in which the student is enrolled, whether at an undergraduate or graduate level. The purpose of higher education in today's society is to prepare youth to build a secure, productive and rewarding foundation for the future. It is a necessary step in establishing professional career an illustration of the attainment of practical and advanced knowledge, skill development, and personal character and completion of a goal (Stewart, 2010). It is also a precursor to a securing gainful employment in order to ensure a comfortable life for self and family. It can be extremely difficult to enter a profession without a degree. Higher education institutions become a platform through which students can reveal themselves to recruiters, as advanced degree attainment is often a minimum requirement to beginning a career track (Butcher & Moran, 2011). Beyond ensuring financial prosperity, higher education helps the individual develop specialized acumen to enter the professional world. Higher education students can attest to the fact that countless years of education have prepared one for professional practice in a niche area medical, legal, educational, financial, business, etc. (Stewart, 2010). As once stated by Horace Mann, Advocate of Public Education: "Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great

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