Purpose of Prisons in the USA

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Purpose of prisons in the USA The correctional systems in America are facilities that deal with people who have been convicted of crimes. It is argued that the main purpose of correctional system is the separation of criminals from the rest of the society. The correctional system is part of the criminal-justice system that provides housing and other programs for those convicted for crimes that deems it necessary for the offender to loose freedom. This paper will look at the purpose of prisons and if this system has been effective in achieving this goal. There are three main purposes of the prisons, these are punishing the offenders, protection of the population from the offenders and rehabilitating the offenders. Punishment is seen as the most obvious intention of the correctional system for the people who have been found guilty of crimes. Theoretically speaking, this is supposed to act as a way of deterring one from repeating a particular criminal activity and it is also intended to serve as an example to other people as to why they should avoid any form of criminal activity. Incarceration is an example of punishment in the correctional systems, on the other hand death penalty and other lesser penalties like probation are meant to be punitive. In addition to punishing a criminal, the correctional system intends to act as a protector of the rest of the society from criminals. These comprise of policing of streets and the actual imprisonment of criminals in jails.
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