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The Book of Ruth, although one of the smallest books in the Old Testament, has many values displayed in its mere four chapters. Throughout the book, readers are shown the struggle of Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, as they try to survive in a patriarchal world. In chapter one Ruth and Naomi’s initial endeavor is revealed. Both Naomi and Ruth’s husbands die and they are left abandoned, but together, after Ruth refuses to leave Naomi. By chapter two Naomi and Ruth have made it to Bethlehem and Ruth encounters Boaz for the first time while gleaning in his fields. Chapter three is when Ruth and Boaz start to form a romantic relationship; after Naomi tells Ruth to go to the threshing floor and lay at Boaz’ feet. Ruth obeys and when Boaz is…show more content…
Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with my, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me. (“Life Application Study Bible” 382)
Ruth shows her true faith and loyalty for God, which any and every modern Christian should strive to mirror. However Rush’s loyalty is also shown for Naomi in verses sixteen through eighteen. Naomi pleads with Ruth to go back to her family. Ruth, despite the fact that she is defying Naomi, refuses to return home. Ruth unlike other biblical characters does not let her loyalty stop at merely following orders given to her. Instead Mira Morgenstern author of Ruth and the Sense of Self: Midrash and Difference comments that “Ruth affirms that she will always do what is [ethically and religiously] demanded of her, but will utilize methodologies consonant with her own judgment” (16). Ruth remains loyal to Naomi despite Naomi’s objections because Ruth is certainly doing what she thought was best for Naomi. By staying with Naomi, Ruth makes unexpected personal sacrifices. Ruth does not only remain loyal to God, but she also remains loyal to her kin even if the price seems too steep, because she knows her God will always provide. Twenty-first-century Christians could learn many lessons from Ruth’s unwavering relinquishment for her people and her God. Ruth does not only offer loyalty but also provides Naomi with a source of stability. It can be said that Ruth takes on a man’s

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