Purpose of Social Studies in Schools

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What is social studies? * Social studies is the integrated study of social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence. Social studies provides coordinated, systematic study drawn upon such disciplines as anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion and sociology as well as a appropriate content from the humanities and natural sciences. The goals of social studies 1. Fostering attitudes and identifying values Values are ends or ideas which are held by a person. They are the standards or codes which direct our actions. Attitudes are directly derived from values. Our values determine how we behave, each person or society have different values. The…show more content…
Knowledge, values, attitudes and skills are necessary for active participation in civic affairs. These skills provide the link between knowledge and values and attitudes which make participatory action possible. Justify the place of social studies in the primary school curriculum. Personally I think social studies are out on the back burner too often; more emphasis should be place on this subject area. Social studies help children to develop their identity. The study of individual development and identity will help students to describe factors important to the development of personal identity. They will explore the influence of peoples, places, and environments on personal development. Students will hone personal skills such as demonstrating self-direction when working towards and accomplishing personal goals, and making an effort to understand others and their beliefs, feelings, and convictions. I believe social studies should be part of the curriculum for the purpose of helping students understand human interactions that occurred in the past, and occurring now, and that are likely to occur in the future. The reasons for these understandings is to help students develop and nurture values that will make it more likely that they will be able to determine for any situation what the
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