Purpose of the Nurse Practice Act for Florida

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Part A The purpose of the Nurse Practice Act for Florida is to make sure that every practicing nurse has the minimum requirements to legally work in Florida. It is a protection law so that anyone without minimum competency cannot practice nursing in Florida.
Part B The Florida Board of Nursing has 13 members, all appointed by the Governor of Florida and confirmed by the Florida State Senate.
Part C Seven members of the Board of Nursing must be Registered Nurses who are Florida state residents and have been practicing at least four years. There must be at least one advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, one Educator, and one Executive. At least one member must be 60 years old, three must be LPNs with at least 4 years' experience, and three members must not be licensed or connected with nursing in Florida.
Part D It is likely that the State requirements for one member of the Nursing Board to be over 60 is based on a level of wisdom and experience, perhaps a different point of view, than others. In addition, due to personal knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry, the person over 60 has a wider toolbox from which to pull information and ways of dealing with certain situations.
Part E The Lay Members of the Board must be Florida residents who are not connected to, or ever been, licensed nurses, nor may they have any financial interest in insurers or health care facilities.
Part F Under Florida State Law, the Nursing Board has the authority to adopt rules,
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