Purpose of the Public Health Informatics Institute

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The Public Health Informatics Institute The mission of the Public Health Informatics Institute is to act as a neutral convener of people working as public health professionals and public health stakeholders to enable and transform capacity to effectively apply information relevant to the public health praxis in order to improve global health outcomes. Three basic work areas are pursued by the Public Health Informatics Institute: Training, convening and facilitating, and requirements development. Policy development is accomplished in a number of ways, the most prominent of which is the Joint Public Health Informatics Taskforce (JPHIT). This consortium of nine pubic health associations works to coordinate informatics policy and action in order to improve population health. The Public Health Informatics Institute serves as the Secretariat to JPHIT. In this role, the Public Health Information Institute can support the policy work of the Taskforce in its efforts to bring stakeholders together to define and back major informatics policies and priority activities. An important part of this policy work is the provision of unified and effective advocacy for public health policy issues. These issues may reflect the need for public health reform, directing resources to pubic health informatics practice, and establishment of health information technology policy. Policy Example Developing Performance Measures for Immunization Registries Immunization registries have been
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